• Release: 2011
  • Genre: Fantasy/Adventure RPG
  • Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3


The player starts out, as a prisoner, being taken somewhere by wagon. You reach your destination, where, as it turns out, you are to be executed. However, right before your execution, a dragon, intervenes, attacking the town.You manage to escape in the chaos, and journey to the village of Riverwood. The townspeople are frightened, and ask you to demand the Jarl (Nordic version of a king)  to send troops. You go to Whiterun, and ask him, but he requires a favor of you as well, he wishes you to get the Dragonstone from Bleak Falls Barrow. You do this, and then return to Whiterun, only to find that a dragon is attacking near the city. The main character then kills the Dragon, and absorbs it's soul, revealing you to be one of the fabled "Dragonborn", great heroes, with the power to absorb a dragon's soul, and use it to better himself. You are then contacted by the Greybeards, wise old men, living at the top of High Hrothgar, the tallest mountain in Skyrim. The Dragonborn meets with the Greybeards, and they teach him the basics of Thu'um, or shouting. It is also revealed that Alduin, the World Eater dragon, has returned, and is raising all of the other dragons from the dead.You are tasked with acquiring an Elder Scroll, and with it, you learn the secret shout Dragonrend, with which you battle Alduin. He escapes however, and you must follow him into the Nordic afterlife of Sovengarde, where you get the help of fallen Nord heroes, and destroy Alduin once and for all.

Available on Steam for purchase and download.


  • If you are staring as a magic-themed character buy as many new spell tomes as possible.
  • Pick a standind stone for in-game benefits.