Rocket jump by qatarz

Rocket jump by, qataz

What is rocket jumping?Edit

Rocket jumping is the Soldier's special abilitiy to cover more ground in a Team Fortress 2 map. Surprise enemies and get to high places.

How to rocket jumpEdit

Rocket jumping is simple and easy and easy to learn. First you aim at your feet. You left click and hit space bar at the same time thus causing you to use the blast wave as a boost to jump higher. 

Advanced Rocket jumpingEdit

Advanced rocket jumping is no different then a standard rocket jump. To get half way across the map. You basically do the same as the regular up one. Except, you aim at a diffrernt angle, and walk backwards and aim your rocket launcher so you can make an acute angle and, as soon as you take off, hit the crouch button to gain more distance.

Perferable rocket jumping load outEdit

If you want to be an assault rocket jumper, one load out I prefer is one STAR_ uses. His primary is the stock rocket luncher, his secpnder is gun boats, and his melee is the market gardener. Another is equpping the rocket jumper, shotgun or righteous bison, and market gardener.

Midair MovementEdit

To manuever effectively while rocket jumping you must undergo a steep learning curve. While in midair you must let go of W, and only use A and D. This is known as air-strafing. 

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