Minecraft Tutorial How to Master Basic Minecraft Controls

Minecraft Tutorial How to Master Basic Minecraft Controls

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The beautiful and serine world Minecraft...until night time.

Minecraft, a strange and magical world filled with monsters and animals alike. This wonderful place was created by the fine people of Mojang: Notch and Jeb.

The Basics of MinecraftEdit

There are many things to know about Minecraft. First of all, the controls for this game are as follows.

  • Walking: If you aren't used to PC games, walking in minecraft may be an issue. Instead of the arrow keys as you may think, the controls are actually W, A, S, and D.
  • Jumping: Jumping for this game is as you would expect it to be: space bar.
  • Pausing the game: If you wish to pause the game you can press the escape key, located at the top left-hand corner of your keyboard.
  • Commands: To use commands in Minecraft simply press the right slash key located below the question mark.
  • Chat: The defult way to access chat is to use the T key. You could, however, change this by pressing esc, clicking controls, then clicking the button next to "chat" until it reaches '???', then pressing the key you wish to access the chat with.
  • Breaking and Placing: To break a block you must left click the block until it disappears. Some blocks, however, cannot be broken, such as bedrock. To place a block you need to point your curser at the block and right click with the mouse.
  • Flying: To fly you double tap the space bar and you will ascend. To lower yourself press the shift key. Flying can only be used in creative mod.
  • Accessing things: To access something you need to right click it and press E to get out of it. For example crafting tables, furnaces, anvils, enchantment tables, etc. The E key can also be used for accessing your inventory and to get out of it.


For a more detailed description of Minecraft please check out the page for it on Thank you for reading.