This game is the original, upon which all the others have been based,Edit

  • Release: 1997
  • Publisher: Interplay
  • Type of game: Turn-Based RPG
  • Platform: PC


You're character is tasked with recovering a replacement water purification chip for his/her vault, when the main one, breaks. Thus, you are sent outside, into the wastes, to find another chip. If you do't recover the chip in time, you fail the game. Along the way, you encounter a menagerie of characters, both good, and bad. When it comes down to it, there are three endings *SPOILERS AHEAD*

1. The "Master" (a superhuman super mutant leader, bent on ruling the known world) captures you, and turns you into a super mutant. You can escape this, and continue the story, but if you don't, this happens.

2. You bring the chip to the vault, however, the Overseer of the vault believes you to be too dangerous to live there, and exiles you to the wasteland. Thus, you become "The Vault Dweller".

3. You bring the chip to the vault, and the overseer exiles you, however, if you get the bloody mess perk, it allows you to kill the overseer, right after his speech.

Controls: Point and click.

Available On: Steam , and GoG